Use and Maintenance of Water Distillers in Laboratories

Medical science and its advances are always on the lookout for technologies that allow greater and more rigorous control over the data collected. Laboratory water distillers have become the silent ally of many experiments and tests in this branch of knowledge. Their use, much more frequent and necessary than most people think, is a revolution in the way of approaching the most demanding procedures in terms of purity and cleanliness.ย 

The use of different laboratory equipment, including water distillers, provides a powerful resource to eliminate impurities and contaminants present in the water that can alter the results. The availability of distilled water, accurately sterilized and free of particles, ensures accuracy in medical tests and scientific experiments.

Effective Use of Water Distillersย 

Laboratory water distillers are essential parts of medical science. They provide water in a pure state, free of mineral impurities, bacteria, viruses and gases that may be present in the regular water supply. Their use extends to various applications in the laboratory, such as the preparation of chemical and microbiological solutions, washing and sterilization of equipment.

They are efficient equipment that work in a simple way: they heat water to its boiling point to transform it into steam, which condenses in a closed system to prevent the entry of impurities, transforming it back into water free of any type of contaminant. However, their correct use and operation, as well as their maintenance, require responsible and uniform handling.

Maintaining Laboratory Water Distillers

Maintenance of laboratory water distillers is essential to ensure their optimal performance. The first rule is to always follow the manufacturer’s manual. Periodic cleaning of the equipment is essential to avoid the accumulation of mineral deposits on the heating element, which could influence its performance and the quality of the distilled water produced.

Some water distillers come with built-in self-cleaning systems, while others will require regular manual cleaning. For this, it is generally efficient to use a citric acid solution, although there are other products on the market designed specifically for this task. Cleaning should be followed by a thorough rinse with distilled water to remove any remaining cleaning solution.ย 

As with any laboratory equipment, the correct use of water distillers and following the maintenance instructions will help to prolong the life of the equipment, ensure the quality of the distilled water produced and avoid any risk to laboratory safety.

Kalstein water distillersย 

Laboratory water distillers are essential to medical science. Their ability to provide pure water free of impurities supports the accuracy and reliability of the results of medical experiments and tests. With proper maintenance and use, following directions and guidelines, this equipment will continue to support medical research and innovation.

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