Simplifying the Process: The Clear Water Bath for Laboratories

In the past, to address laboratory water quality issues, safety managers have faithfully waited for rigorous procedures and protocols; this has meant a lot of time and infinite hygiene to prepare and qualify water for safe analytical use.ย 

However, with increased investment in recent years, creative technology has helped to create a system where laboratories do not have to worry so much about quality controls: the clear water bath process.ย 

Features that clear water baths possess significantly aid in laboratory cleanliness

The clear water bath is a revolutionary science-based innovation for extracting critical contamination that can alter analysis results; it removes bacteria, viruses, particulates and impurities from the water, preventing the possibility of a false or inaccurate analysis result.ย 

Those operating in laboratories can now benefit from a fast, simple and affordable purification process; the particle reduction process is performed through a special membrane to remove contamination before the water reaches the laboratory.ย 

At the same time the clear water bath process consists of two parts

The first is mechanical separation, which performs filtration through a membrane to remove microorganisms, particles, liquids and other impurities; the second is the addition of a minimal amount of chemicals, such as oils or silicates, to promote particle binding and remove them completely from the water. The clear water bath has been shown to reduce the amount of suspended particles in the water, significantly improving the quality of the water for analytical use.ย 

With the use of water baths it is significantly noticed that the reduction of operating costs is higher for laboratories and the protection of the environment is favored

This means that laboratories and those in charge of safety can make more of their time, relying on the transparent water bath process to maintain quality and safety at work.ย 

Clear water baths have been found to offer greater energy efficiency compared to traditional methods, due to the use of a minimal amount of chemicals.ย 

Undoubtedly the purchase of a water bath for laboratories would be the best investment researchers can make

In conclusion, the transparent water bath provides better safety, efficiency and speed for laboratories; it constitutes a new tool that will surely help to simplify quality control processes in laboratories.ย 

As of today, laboratories have the advantage of enjoying optimal water quality, without worrying about cost and lengthy, stringent quality protocols.

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