Recommendations and ultrasound care?

An ultrasound scanner is a medical device that makes it possible to obtain diagnostic images from the echoes obtained by the emission of ultrasound waves. These waves are produced by an instrument called a transducer, which, in addition to producing ultrasound waves, is also capable of detecting the echoes reflected by the ultrasound, generating two-dimensional images of tissues and organs.

The transducer picks up the echo from the sound waves and a computer converts it into an image that appears on the screen. In most cases, the elements that make up the transducer are made of ceramic glass called piezoelectric. These are capable of producing sound waves when an electric field passes through them, and they are also capable of working in the reverse direction, producing an electric field when receiving sound waves.

How is an ultrasound scanner composed?

A typical ultrasonic scanner system is composed of a beamformer, a central processing unit, a user interface (keyboard, control panel, trackball), several probes (transducers or scan heads), one or more video displays , some kind of recording device, and a power supply system.

To obtain the ultrasonic images, a probe is placed on the skin (after applying an acoustic coupling gel) or inserted into a body cavity. As mentioned, ultrasonic probes have elements made of piezoelectric materials (materials that convert electrical energy into acoustic energy and vice versa). When the ultrasonic energy emitted from the probe is reflected by the tissue, the transducer receives some of these reflections (echoes) and transforms them back into electrical signals. These signals are processed and transformed into an image.

System cleaning and maintenance

The maintenance of ultrasound equipment is very important for the proper integrity of these equipment. It should be done periodically and as needed. Because this medical equipment contains multiple circuit boards, extensive service diagnostic capabilities, and complex operating software, it is recommended that only trained personnel service the system.

Cleaning and maintenance of the ultrasound system and peripheral accessories. Thorough cleaning is important for peripheral equipment components because they contain electromechanical devices. If such devices are exposed to a constant and excessive level of dust and humidity, their performance and reliability will decrease.

It is essential to clean the transducers that are used with the ultrasound system. Cleaning procedures vary for different types of transducers and their intended use.

Care of the transducers

Transducers must be properly cared for, cleaned, and handled. Reasonable care of transducers involves their inspection, cleaning, and disinfection or sterilization, as necessary. Therefore, it is very important to clean the transducers after each use. Inspect all parts of the transducer carefully before each use. They should be checked for cracks or other damage that compromises the integrity of the transducer.

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