Kalstein’s Latest Innovations in Climatic Chambers

The scientific and medical sector is always in constant search of high precision and reliability equipment that allows detailed work in various areas. On this occasion, we will focus on the various models of climatic chambers of a leading brand in the industry: Kalstein.

Kalstein climatic chambers are indispensable in laboratories due to their precision and efficiency in handling experiments. They are especially effective in drug stability tests, climate simulations, and artificial incubation. They use forced convection to maintain temperature homogeneity.

Integral Drug Stability Test Chambers

Kalstein’s YR05354, YR05355 and YR05356 have unique features that enable reliable testing. These chambers have a temperature range of 10~65 ℃ with illumination and 0~60 ℃ without illumination. The temperature accuracy is 0.1℃ and a fluctuation of just ±0.5℃ between 10-40 ℃.

In addition, they have a humidity range from 50 to 90% relative humidity (RH), with a fluctuation of ±3% RH. Their illumination range is adjustable in five stages and goes from 0 to 6000LX.

The brain of this equipment is a thirty-stage microprocessor PID controller, which ensures precision in the operation of the chambers. https://kalstein.pl/product/comprehensive-drug-stability-test-chamber-yr05354-yr05356/

Constant Climate Chambers and Climatic Simulation

The constant climate chambers, models YR05334, YR05335, YR05336, YR05337, YR05338 and YR05339, also use forced convection and have a thirty-stage programmable PID control system. They feature a temperature range of 0~60℃ and a relative humidity range of 40~95%. The temperature fluctuation is ±0.5℃ between 10-40 ℃, and its display resolution accuracy is 0.1℃. https://kalstein.pl/product/constant-climate-chamber-yr05334-yr05339/

As for the climate simulation chambers, the YR05347, YR05348 and YR05349 maintain the reliability of the Kalstein models. Like the previous ones, they use forced convection and a thirty-stage PID controller. Their temperature range is 10~65 ℃ with illumination and 0~60 ℃ without illumination with accuracy 0.1℃. https://kalstein.pl/product/climate-simulation-chamber-yr05347-yr05349/

Humidity range from 50% to 90% relative humidity, with fluctuation of ±3% RH. In this case, the adjustable illumination range is up to 15000LX in five stages.

Artificial Climate Incubators

Finally, the YR05328, YR05329 and YR05330 artificial climatic incubator models feature a temperature range with illumination of 10~60℃ and without illumination of 5~60℃. The relative humidity fluctuation is from 50% to 90%, with a variability of ±5% RH.

The illumination varies with a range of 0~10000LX to 0~15000LX, and is adjustable at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% levels. In addition, they have a time range of 0~99 hours. Their accuracy is ±0.1℃ and their voltage is at 220V.  https://kalstein.pl/product/artificial-climate-incubator-yr05328-yr05330/

It is evident that Kalstein’s climatic chambers are a wise choice for any laboratory thanks to the accuracy of their functions and their efficiency. In addition, they enjoy the backing of a leading company in the global laboratory equipment market, providing not only quality products but also excellent customer service.