Kalstein Laboratory Fluorometers: The Silent Mentors of Modern Bioanalytical Analysis

In the world of molecular biology and biochemistry, a device considered fundamental in any laboratory is the fluorometer. This instrument is indispensable in the detection and quantification studies of fluorescence-emitting properties.

Fluorometry technology has been a true quantum leap in the area of medical laboratory research and testing. Kalstein’s laboratory equipment is a pioneer in optimizing this technology with a number of features and technical specifications that set it above the competition. This article will embark on a detailed analysis of three different fluorometer models offered by Kalstein – YR412, YR06061, and YR06062.

Model YR412: Speed and Sensitivity in One Package

This Kalstein fluorometer model tears down the invisible barriers between accuracy and speed. The YR412 features an impressive measurement speed of only 3 seconds for a single test, combined with a sensitivity of 0.5ng/ml for dsDNA.

This speed and sensitivity are achieved through its LED light source and highly sensitive detector, a photodiode. The more technical values are reflected in its dynamic range, which spans five orders of magnitude, and a linear dynamic range with an R of over 0.995. Stability and repeatability, too, scoring less than 1.5%, demonstrate this machine’s commitment to reliability and accuracy of results. https://kalstein.pl/product/fluorometer-yr412-a/

Model YR06061: Optimal Filters for Accurate Results

This fluorometer model is the embodiment of specific precision, with its optimized filters designed for different light ranges. The LED light source of this fluorometer is combined with blue (460±20 nm) and red (625±20 nm) excitation filters as well as green (525-570 nm) and red (670-725 nm) emission filters.

Apart from the respective wavelengths in nanometers, this model takes precision one step further by specifying the exact yield, which in this case is one, and using a 0.5 mL PCR tube as the sample tube type. In addition, the linear range spans 5 orders of magnitude, maintaining a high linearity of R²≥0.995. Also notable is its limit of detection, which is extremely low, only 0.1 pg/uL, for dsDNA HS. https://kalstein.pl/product/fluorometer-yr06061/

Model YR06062: High performance for multiple testing.

The cream of the crop of Kalstein’s YR range of fluorometers, the Model YR06062 is distinguished by its ability to handle multiple tests at the same time. It uses the same LED light source and excitation and emission filters as the YR06061, but excels with an outstanding output of 8.

It also uses a 0.2 ml tube strip for samples, providing greater ease for multiple testing. In addition, it offers a linear range of 4 orders of magnitude and a sensitivity of 1 pg/uL. This, coupled with a measurement time of less than 6s for 8 samples, propels the YR06062 to the pinnacle of efficiency. https://kalstein.pl/product/fluorometer-yr06062/

Kalstein Fluorometers, Leaders in Laboratory Technology

Kalstein fluorometers perfectly combine technological advancement with practical functionality. Their high speed, sensitivity and pioneering use of light filters make these models essential pieces of equipment for any research laboratory. The accuracy and speed with which tests can be performed ensure that these laboratory fluorometers deliver results that will push science and medicine to new frontiers.