Kalstein sterilizers are effective, efficient and reliable for the optimal elimination of microorganisms. Designed to high quality standards, each model in this series incorporates advanced technology that enables superior performance.

The range of sterilizers offer an efficient and reliable solution for sterilization needs in laboratories and clinics. Their high quality, durability and accuracy make them a valuable investment for any healthcare organization.

Bacti-Cinerator Models YR06040 and YR06041

The Kalstein bacti-cinerator models YR06040 and YR06041 are indispensable equipment in a laboratory for those tasks that demand rigorous sterilization. Both models have a power of 110V/220V; however, the YR06041 model is more powerful, reaching 240W. This feature allows for more intense and effective sterilization.

A key aspect of these models is their ability to maintain high temperatures. The high temperature center in both models is capable of reaching 825℃ ± 50℃, while the constant standby temperature features a two-gear heating of 400℃ and 850℃ respectively. This capability enables high sterilization efficiency, being key to thorough work. https://kalstein.pl/product/infrared-sterilizer-yr06040-yr06041/

Model YR05324: Versatility and Efficiency

The bacti-cinerator model YR05324 is also an essential participant in laboratories. Manual and lightweight, this equipment stands out for its heating head angle, which is 21°, large compared to other models. Its maximum sample capacity is φ14 mm, with a heating head length of 150 mm.

The power of model YR05324 is 200W, with a standby temperature of 480℃, while its high core temperature is 825℃. These features make it optimal for a variety of sterilization procedures and ensure high quality results. https://kalstein.pl/product/bacti-cinerator-sterilizer-yr05324/

Glass Bead Sterilizer Model YR05326

When we talk about innovation and precision, we must refer to the Kalstein Model YR05326 Glass Bead Sterilizer. With a temperature ranging from 100℃ ~ 300℃ and a temperature accuracy of ≤5℃, this sterilizer guarantees an accurate and effective sterilization process.

The time to go from room temperature to 300℃ is ≤25min, thanks to its fast heating rate. It features a φ40mm×80mm reservoir and a capacity for 150gr of glass beads, providing a safer and more efficient alternative to open flames in laboratories. https://kalstein.pl/product/glass-bead-sterilizer-yr05326/

Glass Bead Sterilizer Model YR05327

The YR05327 glass bead sterilizer has as one of its defining features the ability to carry out large-scale sterilization processes. With a larger tank size than model YR05326 (φ40mm×140mm), this sterilizer can hold up to 300g of glass beads.

Its voltage ranges from AC100-120V to AC200-240V, with a frequency of 50-60Hz. Like its little brother, the YR05327 also oscillates at temperatures between 100℃ and 300℃ with an amazing accuracy of ≤5℃, providing consistency and efficiency in every sterilization process. https://kalstein.pl/product/glass-bead-sterilizer-yr05327/