How to choose the right dental chair for your office?

Choosing the right dental chair for your office can seem like a simple task; however, there are some important considerations to take into account; the chairs offer patients comfort, access to the mouth, mobility, downhill and upward movements for better posture for the patient, some are ergonomic and some have flexibility of adjustments.

Patient comfort is a key factor in choosing a dental chair; a chair with soft padding and flexible backrest is designed to fit a patient’s shape and size to provide comfort for long periods of time.

Characteristics of dental chairs

It is also important to consider how it fits different patient sizes, as it will provide more comfort to older patients and children; the dental chair should also provide optimal access to the mouth.

Chair length and height should maximize the dentist’s angle of view as well as range of motion, the chair should have a descent and ascent height for better posture for the patient.

The comfort of the chairs and their characteristics should also be taken into account to do a good job

The depth of the chair is also an important element to consider, it must be deep enough so that the dentist can have a good grip of instruments without causing strain on the patient’s back; in addition, it is important to consider ergonomics.

An ergonomic dental chair is easier, safer and more comfortable for the patient, an ergonomic design provides better access and better dentist posture; these chairs can also have features such as movable accessories, lumbar supports for the patient and arm restraints.

These are some of the characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing an ergonomic chair.

Considering chair elasticity is important for both the patient and the specialist

In addition, when choosing a dental chair for your office, it is important to consider the flexibility of adjustments, these include a variety of options to adjust the chair; for example, you should be able to adjust the seat angle and the size of the work area.

Also, the seat design should be light enough to allow the seat to move, so that the dentist and the patient can find the best position for treatment.

The quality and durability of the chair is of vital importance in terms of economy

Finally, the dental chair should be of quality and durable, once you have taken into consideration all the important factors, the dentist should investigate different options of high quality dental chairs to get the best value for money.

In short, it is important to choose a chair that combines comfort, optimal access to the mouth, mobility, ergonomics and flexibility of fit, understanding these factors will help the dentist to choose the right dental chair that meets all the needs of the office.

Dental chairs should be hygienic, durable and offer a wide variety of features for many years of high quality use.

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