Increasing Laboratory Efficiency with the Gel Documentation System for Electrophoresis

The unstoppable advance of technology is also visible in laboratories, as its implementation can boost the throughput, accuracy and therefore the efficiency of scientific work. One innovation in particular, the gel documentation system, has revolutionized the way results obtained by electrophoresis, a fundamental technique in the study of biological molecules, are documented and analyzed.ย 

In summary, the gel documentation system can be a powerful tool for increasing laboratory efficiency. Through significant reductions in labor time, minimizing the potential for errors and maximizing the use of resources, these systems can take laboratory productivity to the next level of excellence.

Labor Time Reduction – Operational Efficiency

The first aspect to consider is how the gel documentation system can reduce labor time. Traditionally, gel electrophoresis was quite time consuming to perform and then document. This process involved gel preparation, sample running, decolorization, staining, and finally, documentation and manual interpretation of the results. This whole manual procedure could take many hours, even days.

However, with the advent of high-tech gel documentation systems, the process has been simplified and accelerated. These systems integrate image capture, report generation and data analysis, which helps laboratorians perform their work faster and more accurately. In addition, some systems also offer the advantage of being able to document and analyze multiple gels simultaneously, greatly increasing laboratory efficiency.

Error Minimization – Accuracy and Reliability

In addition to reducing time, another substantial benefit of the gel documentation system is the minimization of errors due to the automation of documentation and analysis. This provides a degree of accuracy and reliability that can hardly be achieved by manual methods.

In the past, interpretation of electrophoresis results required expert insight and meticulous attention to detail. Any omission or mistake could lead to erroneous conclusions and even to the repetition of the entire procedure. With the implementation of gel documentation systems, these risks are significantly reduced. The software programs used in these systems provide detailed and accurate analysis, largely eliminating the possibility of human error.

Resource Maximization – Cost Savingsย 

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that using a gel documentation system can be of great benefit in maximizing the resources available in the laboratory. This saving does not only refer to laboratory personnel time, but also to consumable resources.

In terms of materials, the use of staining solutions and other reagents needed to document traditional gels can be a considerable expense in the long run. In contrast, the automated gel documentation system eliminates the need for these reagents by using image capture technology to document the results. This not only saves money on reagents, but also reduces the exposure of laboratory personnel to potentially harmful chemicals.

The future at Kalsteinย 

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