Food Analysis Using the Potassium Ion Meter

The potassium meter is a portable, safe and easy-to-use device. This device is essential for laboratory professionals and field technicians. This tool allows food quality records and provides a quick estimate of potassium concentration in foods from many applications.

This innovative team analyzes food in fractions of seconds, providing optimal results and making it the ideal equipment for research in the field. According to its wide selection of products for food safety control, the potassium ion meter provides food process safety in a positive way.

Functions of the Potassium Ion Meter

A potassium ion meter is a device used to determine the ionic concentration in a food sample. It works from electrodes of ions, known as ion, and it is the particle with electric charge and can be positive or negative.

In this sense, the measurement of the ion concentration, can be established in a wide variety of samples such as

  • Food quality record.
  • Importance of fertilization and crop productivity.
  • Importance of soil status in future harvests.
  • Determination of various foods.

On the other hand, the technology of ion measurement is related to various data sensors to obtain records, which analyze food from harvest to table and these long-term tests allow the potassium ion meter to become the correct measuring instrument for the production chain.

On the other hand, for the storage of food, they may experience alterations involving changes in its composition that affect its conservation, and therefore its capacity for human consumption. Therefore, with the implementation of the ion meters and the effectiveness of the equipment, it will allow to improve the conservation and/or storage methods.

Importance of Potassium Ion Meters

The potassium ion meter, allows to measure the amounts of electrolytes contained in food and fertilizer. They are also used to measure concentrations and activities in liquid solutions to ensure consumption. Thus, they determine the following foods and other products, including:

  • Wine.
  • Fruit and milk extracts.
  • Wastewater.
  • Fertilizer.
  • For clinical or pharmaceutical tests such as blood, saliva or serum.

The potassium ion meter can be used to take readings in the field, in ponds or streams.ย  And it allows providing information for nutritional schemes and the implementation of mediations to reduce the salt level of foods.

Food Control Parameters

With the use of potassium ion meters, taking into account the pH value of food is very simple, regardless of whether it is a hot, viscous or aggressive medium and meeting the additional data, the measurement process will be even more efficient. Such data are:

  • Temperature pH control is an efficient method to control the consumption and production of food, especially applied in butchers and bakeries.
  • Measurements of pH in more aggressive media, such as laboratories in extremely acidic or corrosive chemicals.
  • Determination of foods more efficiently with an integrated combined electrode, which offers advantages, and are composed in the same unit. Thus, thanks to an additional temperature sensor, it provides records of the pH levels of food.

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