Exploring Excellence in Laboratory Technology: Kalstein Tissue Flotation Models

Kalstein’s Tissue Flotation Laboratory Tissue Flotation Systems are essential tooling for healthcare and research professionals. They offer precise temperature control, optimal sizing for drying stations and water baths, plus automatic memory and restore functionality, allowing for improved operational efficiency. Here we provide a detailed review of the YR451, YR452, YR456 and YR457 models.

Accuracy and consistency of tissue flotation with the YR451 model

Kalstein’s YR451 model is distinguished by its precision in temperature control, which it maintains with a maximum variation of ±1℃ over a range from 0 to 85 ℃. This precise and constant behavior ensures the quality and reliability of the tissue flotation procedures to which it is subjected.

Its energy capacity of 400W and its working voltage adaptable to different current standards stand out. Its balanced and reasonably compact dimensions (515 × 420 × 150 mm), together with its net weight of 9 kg, make it versatile when it comes to its location in the laboratory, without sacrificing the capacity of its 350 mm × 220 mm × 45 mm bath bowl. https://kalstein.pl/product/slide-dryer-yr451/

Versatility and efficiency in a single unit

The YR452 takes a step forward by incorporating a drying station into its operation. The temperature range is regulated from room temperature to 75℃ with a strict precision of ±1℃, thus maintaining consistency, an aspect that defines Kalstein equipment.

The dimensions of the water bath plate and drying station are designed to optimize the working space (350 × 220 × 45 mm and 330 mm × 90 mm respectively). With 500W power, it can sustain high-demand operations without sacrifices in performance. https://kalstein.pl/product/flotation-work-station-yr452/

Model YR456: multifunctional work in advanced research

Model YR456 introduces a range of possibilities with two temperature ranges for water baths, ranging from room temperature to 70 ℃, and a drying temperature reaching 100 ℃.

This model is equipped with automatic memory and restore functions, storing all the preset temperature data after startup. With a power of 600W, its multiple functions do not compromise its performance. The YR456 also offers a possibility of 32 slides inside its drying station, dimensions 405 × 130 mm.  https://kalstein.pl/product/floatation-workstation-water-bath-slide-dryer-yr456/

Model YR457: all-in-one solution in compact spaces

Finally, the YR457 maintains the high functionality and versatility of the Kalstein fabric flotation models. It employs temperature range for water bath and slide dryer from room temperature to 70 ℃ and 100 ℃ respectively, with ±2℃ control accuracy and automatic memory functionalities.

In addition, it offers space for 50 slides for drying. This model is ideal for laboratories that need to optimize space without sacrificing quality and performance in use, thanks to its compact dimensions and net weight of only 6 kg. https://kalstein.pl/product/flotation-water-bath-water-bath-slide-dryer-yr457/

Kalstein’s tissue flotation models are a testament to how precision, reliability and versatility can coexist in a single piece of equipment, facilitating scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.