Discovering the tests performed in toxicology laboratories

Most of us have heard the term “toxicology,” but what does it really entail? Toxicology is the science that studies the adverse effects of chemicals on living things. Toxicology laboratories perform tests to detect and quantify the presence of drugs and other substances in the body.ย 

The study of toxicology provides valuable insights into vital areas of our society. From medical diagnosis to the resolution of legal cases, toxicology testing plays an essential role. As we delve into this fascinating field, we realize the importance of toxicology laboratories and their work in creating a safer environment for all of us.

Toxicology laboratory testing

Toxicology tests analyze a variety of substances. Some of the main ones include drugs, alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides, poisons and other toxic chemicals. Toxicology laboratories use a variety of methodologies to detect and measure the amount of these substances in a sample.ย 

The type of sample used may vary depending on the substance being sought. Some tests, such as drug tests, are often performed on urine or saliva. Others, such as heavy metal testing, may require blood, hair or tissue samples.

Toxicology testing techniquesย 

The techniques used in toxicological testing can be divided into two main categories: screening techniques and confirmatory techniques. Screening techniques, such as immunoanalytical tests, are rapid, cost-effective and capable of detecting a wide range of substances in a sample. However, while these tests can show the presence of a substance, they cannot provide an accurate measure of its amount.

To obtain more accurate results, confirmatory techniques such as gas chromatography or mass spectrometry are used. These methods are capable of measuring the exact amount of a substance in a sample and can detect even small amounts of a substance.

Importance of toxicological tests

Toxicological tests have a wide variety of applications and are essential in many fields. In medicine, they can be used to diagnose poisonings or to monitor medication levels in patients. In the legal field, they can be used to determine whether a person has consumed drugs or alcohol, which can be relevant in custody cases, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or in cases of unexplained death.

They can also be used in the workplace for drug testing in the workplace, or in sports doping tests to detect the use of banned substances. In the field of environmental health, toxicology tests can help identify the presence of contaminants in our air, water and food.

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