Discover the power of the Chryostatin for your Laboratory of Pathology

The cryostat is a highly specialized laboratory equipment for tissue processing; it is designed to provide rapid and deep heat transfer to freeze tissues for further microscopic evaluation.

The cryostat provides a safe and clean tissue processing procedure that is more efficient than normal ice tissue processing; a cryostat consists of a cold metal casting section, a well with liquid metal sulfide within which a tissue cell is placed.

Characteristics that cryostats must take into account for a good analysis of tissues with viruses or bacteria

The cast section is connected to a cooling unit which in turn is connected to a temperature controller; this allows the freezing temperature inside the cell to be kept constant without fluctuations.

The cryostat is also equipped with a humidification unit to ensure constant temperature and humidity conditions; a cryostat is essential in a pathological laboratory as it allows accurate and safe processing of tissues.

This is especially important when treating samples containing viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Importance and management of cryostate in laboratories

Cryostat prevents cross-contamination of samples through the use of freezing at very low temperatures, which provides safe and clean tissue preservation; safety and cleanliness are essential to prevent the spread of disease to other tissues and to achieve a quality laboratory result.

Cryostats can also be used for the cremation of human remains, providing an easy and safe alternative to incineration methods; tissues do not have to be subjected to high temperatures for long periods of time.

It also reduces the risks of disease transfer and ensures that any underlying material is completely burned.

Cryostat eludes specialists who conduct important studies from contaminating diseases

On the other hand, this prevents the dispersal of dangerous particles into the air that can be inhaled by laboratory workers or other adjacent workers; cryostats can also be used for the processing of biological fluids, such as blood or body fluids.

This allows medical professionals to determine the health status of patients, the use of a cryostat to freeze samples of biological fluids means no need to use highly toxic chemical preservatives, which improves safety in the workplace.

Excellent results by the use of cryostate in laboratories

In addition, the results of these tests can be more accurate, since there is no risk that preservatives will affect the results, this equipment is an indispensable tool for the pathological laboratory, since it allows safe and clean preservation of tissues.

Cryostat prevents cross-contamination between samples and reduces the risks of disease transmission, providing accurate and reliable laboratory results.

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