A tissue water bath is an equipment composed of a container capable of holding hot water to incubate tissue samples in water at a constant temperature for a prolonged period of time.

These kits are filled with distilled water and are generally kept at 40-50°C. After making the successive cuts of the block through the use of the microtome, the tissues are shrunk and thus cannot be placed directly on the slide. The water bath allows the piece of fabric to be stretched so that it adheres easily to the sheet.

You should keep in mind that the bath water must be kept clean and changed daily.

How is a water bath composed?

The water baths are composed of a tank made of stainless material, which has in its lower part a set of electrical resistances, through which heat is transferred to the water, which is maintained at a preselected temperature through a device. thermostat, thermistor or similar control, which allows selecting the temperature required to carry out the different analyzes or laboratory tests.

This equipment has an external body where the aforementioned controls are located, which is made of steel and is generally covered with electrostatic paint with high adherence and resistance to the laboratory environment.

What is a tissue flotation bath?

A tissue flotation bath is equipment manufactured to help handle paraffin-embedded tissue samples in pathology and histology laboratories. It is basically a hot water bath that allows careful manipulation and location of cuts on the glass layers.

The tissue flotation bath is also an important piece of equipment in obtaining histological preparations, as it allows the tissue strips to spread out, to later fish them out and remain fixed to the slide.

Among the parts of a flotation bath we find: regulator, thermometer, adjustment knob and basket.

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