Deionization and Reverse Osmosis What are their differences?

The processes for water purification are varied, and the choice of one will depend on the needs of the user, since each one will leave the water prepared for different applications, in addition to that, each treatment performs a process and requires special equipment; Now, remember that these treatments are carried out because water has impurities, there are scientific and medical areas in which purified and ultrapure water is required.

There are main treatments for water filtration such as deionization and reverse osmosis; it is necessary to know the process that each one uses for the purification of water, to be able to carry out the control of water quality, in addition to attending to the care related to the storage of the equipment; the periodic maintenance of them, and especially the conditions of the storage of the water itself.

Deionization of water

This process uses a deionizer, we at KALSTEIN have updated models, adjusted to new technologies, to perform the removal of ions, of course to perform the process begins through an activated carbon compound system and then through ion exchange columns, deionization can be complete or partial according to the user’s need.

The part formed by cations and anions can be regenerated when saturated, guaranteeing efficient operation for a long time, although deionized water eliminates ions such as copper, iron, and other metals, this water is not 100% pure, because its purity reaches around 95%, however, the absence of discarded water is obtained as an advantage,ย  so that the waste of liquid is reduced, making this process more economical and saving energy.

Reverse osmosis

This is a water purification process that is carried out through a succession of layers of propylene and activated carbon filters that guarantees a purity of water close to 100%, this technology uses semipermeable membranes with special ion removal properties, in reverse osmosis the water to be treated is vacuum aspirated and forced through membranes that retain the particles,ย  after this the impure water is transformed into pure water, without changing its properties due to heat interference.

This water basically has applications that require great attention to microbiological control that require low levels of metals and dissolved salts, this treatment retains approximately 98% of the minerals in the water, the reverse osmosis process applies an osmotic pressure, which is a colligative property produced by differences in the chemical potential of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter.

Differences between Deionization and Reverse Osmosis

  • Deionization is based on a physical phenomenon of ion exchange and reverse osmosis is based on filters and membranes.
  • In the deionization process , minerals and salts are removed and in the reverse osmosis treatment, bacteria and viruses are also eliminated.
  • As for the equipment in reverse osmosis it is necessary to replace the filters and the membrane annually every 2 โ€“ 3 years, annually it is advisable to sanitize the equipment with products for osmosis; on the other hand, in the process by deionization it is recommended monthly to check the levels of salt and water hardness and annually review the installation to proceed to perform sanitization and descaling tasks of the system.
  • Reverse osmosis treatment removes 98% of impurities and 95% of impurities in deionization treatment.
  • The reverse osmosis process is expensive because semipermeable membranes are very delicate and expensive; deionization treatment is economical.

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