Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05735



Product Description

The desk clean bench is a local purification unit used in the aseptic and dust-free clean environment in the fields of medical and health, biological engineering, scientific experiment and so on.

Product Features
  • The whole equipment adopts cold-rolled plate welding, and the surface is electrostatic sprayed.
  • The air supply mode of the equipment is divided into vertical air supply and horizontal air supply, quasi-closed glass damper, which is easy to operate.
  • Small and exquisite, it can be freely placed on the general workbench for operation, which is convenient for use in small studios.
  • The fan system is controlled by a remote switch fast and slow dual speed to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in an ideal state.
Technical Specifications
Model  YR05735
Cleanliness level Class 100@≥0.5μM (US Federal 209E)
Number of colonies ≤0.5pcs/dish·hour (Φ90mm culture plate)
Average Wind Speed 0.25~0.45m/s(Fast and slow)
Noise ≤62dB(A)
Vibration half peak ≤5μM(x、y、z direction)
Illuminance ≥300Lx
Power Supply AC single-phase


Working area


Overall dimension


High efficiency filter specification and quantity 675×410×38×1
Specification and quantity of fluorescent lamp/ultraviolet lamp 12W×1/20W×1

Additional Information

Weight 87 kg
Dimensions 63 × 93 × 100 cm

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