Innovation and Precision in Liquid Handling

All Kalstein pipettes share similarities, such as high accuracy, low repeatability and versatility, regardless of the model. However, there are also differences marked by technical specifications. The YR03741 Pump Pipette is distinguished by its robustness and generous dimensions, perfect for high-volume contexts. The YR03736 / YR03736-2 Multichannel Pipettes stand out for their volume range flexibility and precision accuracy. The YR03742 / YR03742-6 Repetitive Pipettes stand out for their wide volume range and consistent accuracy.

Kalstein Pipettes combine innovation, precision and versatility to ensure excellent liquid handling in laboratory and medical environments. Their technical specifications, differences and similarities demonstrate their adaptability to various situations and requirements. Choose Kalstein to ensure the most accurate and reliable results in every measurement.

Specifications and technical features of Kalstein modelsย 

Description and technical specifications of the Kalstein Pump Pipette YR03741

The Kalstein YR03741 Pump Pipette stands out for its robustness and ease of use when handling liquids in laboratories and medical settings. This unit comes in a package of 100 units, which are delivered in a compact dimension of 45 x 30 x 59 cm and a total weight of 15 kg. Its large quantity and durability ensure a constant supply for laboratory needs.

Accuracy and repeatability with the Kalstein Multichannel Pipettes YR03736 / YR03736-2

Kalstein Multichannel Pipettes vary in volume range, from 2 to 200ฮผl, allowing high flexibility and adaptability to various situations. Their accuracy ranges from ยฑ6.0 โ€“ 1.0%, demonstrating impressive precision that minimizes measurement errors. They also excel in low repeatability (โ‰ค2.50 โ€“ 0.50%), ensuring consistently accurate results over time.

Versatility and Reliability: YR03742 / YR03742-6 Repeater Pipettes

The YR03742 / YR03742-6 Repetitive Pipettes offer an extensive volume range from 0.5 to 50ml, making them highly versatile for various applications. The model ranges in accuracy from ยฑ0.9% toยฑ0.4%, demonstrating a high level of precision in every measurement. In addition, repeatability is also kept low (โ‰ค1.40 โ€“ 0.15%), ensuring consistent and reliable results.